Pasanga 2 Movie ReviewMovie: Pasanga 2 / Haiku
Direction: Pandiraj
Cast: Nishesh, Vaishnavi, Aarush, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Vidya Pradeep, Ramdoss
Music: Arrol Corelli
Cinematographer: Balasubramaniem
Editor: Praveen K L
Genre: Family, Children
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a film which deals with 2 kids who have an issue in common, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Kavin (Nishesh) and Naina (Baby Vaishnavi) always have problems with school, neighbours and friends due to their exceptional personalities. This makes their parents life a tough one handling them, how these kids overcome this and how the parents tackle this issue forms the crux of the story directed by Pandiraj.

Why it’s disappointing: There’s hardly anything to be disappointed, except for a little drag in the second half.

What to watch out for: The movie has a very strong message to deliver to the parents of today. We have accepted the change in our lives in many ways from using our phones to eating habits, but why do we stick to few things still keeping the old methods alive, in spite of us being evolved significantly. One among that is the education system of our country. School students go through a lot more stress than the grownups, as they are put through many expectations from their parents and the society, either it’s the parents trying to live their dreams through them or the society demands a tough competition. In this tug of war, the kids get grinned with their childhood lost, running the traditional race to achieve the pointless.

Director Pandiraj treated this subject with great caution keeping the tid-bits in mind. There are few instances in this movie where the questions asked by the little ones make so much sense that puts the grown-ups to shame. The tender age loses its tenderness trying to satisfy the society and their parents. Few scenes in the movie will touch your heart as you will relate to yourself, when you were a kid. The school system and their nuances which the parents of today get drawn have been showcased with great highlights.

Nishesh as Kavin, this little brat scores high on every aspect. Right from his intro scene till climax he performs his best with exceptional traits of a seasoned actor. We can see a star in the making. He is a natural and brings a great deal of naughtiness to it with his funny antics, which will make you laugh hard. His performance was well received by the audience, as he did a commendable job.

Baby Vaishnavi as Naina, she was an angel in the movie and kept the tenderness of the character intact. She turns out to be a real deal of naughtiness at the same time she balances it with her wisdom. She was shoulder to shoulder with Nishesh in performance. Vaishnavi did an outstanding job receiving applause from the crowd, especially during the climax.

The supporting characters of the film were the parents of this flick. Vidya Pradeep & Ramdoss who played the role of Kavin’s parents. They fit the bill rightly with good performances, which matched their kid in the movie. Ramdoss brings in more kicks with his humorous antics and Vidya brings oodles of motherhood.

Then came Bindu Madhavi and Karthik Kumar the parents of Naina, they were a perfect description of their family in the movie. Karthik did a great job in portraying a nuclear Dad.

Then it was Suriya and Amala Paul, who in fact we can say an extended cameo as a doctor and a teacher from a fun school. They did the job perfectly with a subtle touch as their characters brought a lot of character to the other counterparts in the film.

The cinematography by Balasubramaniem was vividly arresting, it was great and was well supported by a sweet score by Arrol Corelli. He matched his tunes with the mood of the film.

Verdict: Pandiraj is a director who knows his kids, he’s the only one who can handle them carefully with utmost care. This time he did it again with Nishesh and Vaishnavi who gave outstanding performances, making themselves great partners in crime. Definitely worth a watch, especially parents have got to watch this with their loved ones. I can assure that, you will laugh your guts out.

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