Pandigai Movie ReviewMovie: Pandigai
Direction: Feroz
Cast: Kreshna, Anandhi
Music: R H Vikram
Cinematographer: Aravind
Editor: Prabaahar
Genre: Thriller, Action
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s an action-thriller, which revolves around a young lad who is striving to meet ends, and on one unfortunate day he gets tangled in to a business, which he’s not supposed to. What happens post that, forms the crux of the story directed by Feroz.

Why it’s disappointing: I have no qualms about this film. As it fulfills the genre.

What to watch out for: I would say, a film of this genre is something which the audience wouldn’t have seen in recent times. That being said, it’s not something too out of the box nor it’s too simple to neglect. It has its moments in every aspect, which will keep you content in terms of entertainment. It doesn’t dull out at any point, goes on a steady pace with no compromise. It’s really hard to find a director who can stand his ground to make a commercial film, which lets go of the template. And debut director Feroz made a good impression there.

Krishna, is one of the underrated actors in Kollywood. Most of the time, he has issues in identifying the potential script. And that becomes an enemy to him, but this time we can say he chose something, which could take a good turn in his career. He did a commendable job in Pandigai.

Then it was Saravanan, who has done a great job after “Paruthiveeran”. You could say it was not on par with it, but he makes a strong impact in the film, also a comic relief.

Then there was Arjai, who plays the role of Victor. He will have fewer dialogues in the film, but his performance was spot on with crisp action, making it a commendable one.

Karunas, Pandi & Madhusudhan Rao, were a great supporting cast. And we saw Nithin Sathya, in a different outfit, which he nailed it.

The cinematography of the film was neat by Aravind, who had a good eye for the tone, which was apt for the film. And editing by Prabaahar was sharp, who kept a tight leash on the film. Music by RH Vikram was great, even though you wouldn’t find much songs in the film, he did a great job on background score.

Verdict: Debutante Feroz, did a neat job in etching out a film, which satisfies the audience with no qualms. It has everything to offer in terms of entertainment and makes sure to give an edge of a competition to other films, releasing this week. Definitely worth a watch, catch it at a cinema near you.

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