cinemaglitz-oru-naal-koothu-songs-review-01cinemaglitz-oru-naal-koothu-songs-review-02Movie: Oru Naal Koothu
Direction: Nelson
Cast: Dinesh, Mia George, Nivetha Pethuraj
Music: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematographer: Gokul
Editor: V J Sabu Joseph
Rating: ∗∗∗½

Review: Monday mornings are a curse to everyone, after a fun filled relaxed weekend no one wants to wake up early in the morning to get ready for work. But when the job you do happens to be your passion, then the phrase “Monday Blues” is nothing to you. That’s the case with the passionate Nelson Venkatesan who is debuting as a director with “Oru Naal Koothu”. He made the Monday blues disappear for the rest of the people who had attended the audio & trailer launch of the movie.

The entire cast was dressed in unison with “Pattu Satta-Pattu Veshti” and women in beautiful traditional Sarees. It was a great vision to see the whole team functioning as a family and taking it personally, which in fact reflected in their work.

The music for “Oru Naal Koothu” is composed by the most acclaimed Justin Prabhakaran. The special guests who attended the launch praised and appreciated him for the exceptional work. They featured 2 full song videos of the film. “Adiyae Azhagae” to which music director Sean Roldan lent his voice along with Padmalatha, lyrics were penned by Vivek for this romantic track. Then followed a fun filled foot tapping track “Patta Podunga Ji” this had Karthick, Padmalatha, Veera and the director Nelson himself lending their voices. That was followed by a teaser for another track. And finally the trailer which was damn hilarious and seemed like an interesting one.

Once I got home, got a chance to listen to the other tracks and loved the “Maangalyamae” number, which was quite different and was a great fusion. It was sung by a bunch of singers Richard, Gnana Anthony Daasan, Dr.Narayanan, MC Vickey, Priya Prakash & Sharmila. The lyrics for this track was penned by Madhan Karky, who came on stage during the launch and shared interesting facts about the experience.

The whole launch was a good approach with creative styling. They made arrangements like a wedding and made sure the experience was a unique one. The host for the evening launch was Vj Sumaiya Kauser with the most promising and upcoming comedian Bala Saravanan. Bala made it a point to pull each and every one’s leg at the launch which didn’t spare even director Jayam Raja and KV Anand. All of them were asked to share their experience of their personal “Oru Naal Koothu” which is nothing but the experience of “Marriage Day”.

The makers of “Oru Naal Koothu” had shot a promotional video which featured common people sharing their personal experience about their “Marriage Day”. Trust me it was one hilarious video and definitely will get a good response once it’s on You Tube.

Verdict: The entire album is well packaged with refreshing tracks featuring various talented artists, which makes this one a great piece composed by Justin Prabhakaran.

Here is the full audio Jukebox of ‘Oru Naal Koothu’:

1. Maangalyamae
Singer: Richard, Gnana Anthony Daasan, Dr.Narayanan, MC Vickey, Priya Prakash, Sharmila
Lyrics: Madhan Karky
Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

2. Adiyae Azhagae
Singer: Sean Roldan, Padmalatha
Lyrics: Vivek
Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

3. Patta Podunga Ji
Singer: Karthick, Padmalatha, Nelson Venkatesan, Veera
Lyrics: Veera
Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

4. Yaeli Yaeli
Singer: Sathya Prakash, Shweta Mohan
Lyrics: Sankar Dass
Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

5. Eppo Varuvaaro
Singer: Haricharan
Lyrics: Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

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