Nivin Pauly awestruck by the fans response: First of all let me make one thing clear it’s not a review of this film. It has been reviewed endlessly, so that rests. This is just a celebration of “Premam”. Never seen such a craze for a movie which is not even in the native language of this city. I can agree Malayalam film industry is making waves across all the industries with the increase in demand for remake rights. But this is something phenomenal, yesterday it was the 222nd day and still running to a packed house. Many movies came and went, huge blockbusters from Kollywood, Bollywood & Hollywood have come and gone but one screen is always reserved for Premam. Many would say there’s nothing great about this movie, I agree nothing great at all. But what you forget is that it celebrates life, that’s right a life which every soul could relate. The segments in the film are something which have passed through millions of people. This simplicity makes it a special and a very close one to the heart.

I was watching Premam for the 4th time at the theatre, I had the same experience like I had for the very first time I watched and to be honest it was more than that because the star of the film Nivin Pauly was there at the Cinema Hall to celebrate the glorious 222nd of his movie. There was huge crowd at Escape Cinemas (Express Avenue Mall-Chennai) just get a glimpse of Nivin Pauly. That included more of women fans than the guys, who were dying click a selfie with him. As he walked towards the entrance he was literally mobbed by the crowd clicking pictures, for a brief moment Nivin Pauly was drowned in the crazy crowd, all we could see were the phones in the air clicking selfies endlessly. Nivin was thrilled at the same astounded with the response he got from his Tamil fans which was overwhelming. The funny part was people who didn’t have tickets had entered the auditorium and the SPI Cinemas staff had to politely escort them out.

Premam is segmented in to landmark characters which made this film an absolute entertainer. Let’s have a brief look at them:

George: He’s the central part which holds all the segments together, his transformation from a young boy to a groomed adult was remarkable. He carried every part of it with great élan. As a teenager he’s aloof. And then when he enters the college a rustic maturity nurtures the character making it a great one. Ray Ban aviators with shirt and veshti, he just fills the screen with dynamism, that “Kalipu” moment. All this mellows down in the end and grooms a George settling with Celine.

Mary: She is the best example of a girl next door, which any teenage guy would fall for. She draws your initial attention in the movie. She is there for a brief moment but, everything starts from her character.

Malar Teacher: She’s the current sweetheart of every guy. In spite of her de-glam look, she captures every bit of your attention with her husky voice and irresistible charm. She just kills you with the way she blushes while she cracks a sweet smile. Just when you are trying to recover, she does it again by dancing to “Rockan Kuthu”.

Celine: She’s the last segment in George’s life, like they say the best is saved for the last. She serves as the delectable dessert to a sumptuous meal. She as sweet as honey, who is blessed with impeccable cheek bones and a pretty smile. Her scene involving savouring the “Red Velvet Cake” is a landmark one. A heart throb who stays forever in your heart.

Shambu: He’s the best sidekick anyone friend could ask for, his dialogues and comic timing impeccable. He becomes the undisputed wingman of George.

Koya: Another best friend of George, who looks sophisticated on the outside, but has an unravelling brat cultivated inside.

Jojo: He’s he funny man with a brief role, but make a strong case with his dialogue “Vellam”.

Mava…a.k.a Vimal Sir: This one is peculiar and was derived really well by Alphonse Putharen, he just fits the role like it was tailor made for him.

Apart from these central characters there were quite a few supporting characters who makes the family of “Premam” complete.

The celebration at Escape Cinemas was great. Alphonse Putharen gave a film which shattered the box office and have stuck to cinemas for a record break time in the recent decade. People who still haven’t watched it yet, please catch it ASAP because it’s still running for the coming week only at Escape Cinemas. I can assure you won’t regret it.

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