News around Airlift Akshay Kumar is all set to set new trends on 22nd January when his upcoming film Airlift will release.

This film is all about the evacuation of 170,000 Indians from Kuwaiti soil during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. This was the largest evacuation through air in human history and still holds the impressive record set by the commercial pilots of Air India.

Vijay Kumar Singh who is the ex chief of Indian Army conducted the Yemeni evacuation mission “Raahat” back in 2015. Akshay Kumar met him and said he was honoured to meet the real hero who conducted the evacuation mission and saved thousands of lives. He even tweeted a picture with Vijay Kumar Singh as well.

Currently Vijay Singh is Minister of State for external affairs in current BJP government. Akshay tweeted “Honoured to meet Gen. Vijay Kumar Singh, the key man behind rescue mission Operation Raahat during the Yemen Crisis”.

Ministry of tourism has finally decided that Aamir Khan’s incredible India’s contract will not be renewed and we all know the reason behind it as well. But the main question is, if not Aamir then who will be the ambassador of Incredible India campaign? Several popular names are on the list to be the new face of India such as Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and interestingly Akshay Kumar as well.

On asking whether Akshay would like to become the new ambassador or not? He replied he would love to become the ambassador of the greatest country in this world. As his next film is on a patriotic theme thus chances of winning the position is very bright for Akshay Kumar. He himself has hailed India as the greatest country. He said ” It’s a big thing. Why not? I would love to be there. It’s a good thing”.

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