Nenje Ezhu Tribute to humanity: This man when sings creates a magic and fills your senses with a serene feeling. His music has traveled across globe touching many souls. AR Rahman is performing across Tamilnadu for the first time other than Chennai starting January 16th 2016. Part of its revenue will be spent on rehabilitation program for the flood victims in Chennai and Cuddalore.

This video will definitely bring everyone on track who have been diverted by the media and government on the most shameful issue deluding the public. There was a song which had the whole state speaking of it due to its obscenity, which I didn’t find it at all.

But here’s this promo song which will remind everyone what we went through, what it was to help others, what it was to survive, what was hunger, what thirst meant to you, what it felt like being helpless and moreover what it really feels to be a human.

The floods made the people of Tamilnadu realize, that humanity prevails among the corrupted government and their pretentious acts. Right from day one the people got on roads, forgetting from which walk of life they were. It broke all the barriers caste, religion, sex, status nothing mattered when everyone saw the disaster up close hitting hard. Mother Nature brought many lives together whilst few where lost, may their souls rest in peace. We saw BMW’s and Audi’s going in rounds helping the needy in slums, and these were not politicians or any social workers, they were just noble hearts, who rose up to one thing HUMANITY.

May be I’m not a Tamizhan by birth, but was bred well in this very soil Proud to call myself a Tamizhan and Proud be part of Chennai city. A city which showed everyone across the globe leaving everyone in its awe. This disaster will go down in history setting an example for the coming generations.

This video just takes you back to that time, and leaves a lump in your throat. Nenje Ezhu will be a great tribute to the unsung heroes of the Tamilnadu.

Check out the ‘Nenje Ezhu – Tribute to humanity’ video below:

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