Nalai Namadhe Music Video Review

The fate of Tamilnadu politics has been taking interesting turn these days with the political entry of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and Universal Hero Kamal Haasan into the scene. These two stars have a unique approach towards service to the state and share their love for Tamilnadu. The latest video Nalai Namadhe features a musical tribute to Tamilians with a contemporary touch of Rap and Hip-Hop genres. This song gives a perfect picture about the current day Tamilnadu politics and the mood of the citizens in the state. It also provides a good push for all those passionate youngsters who are willing to do something to the state and join their favourite actors’ party to really make a difference.

Composed by Dev Major, the song is instantly catchy with lyrics by Iykki Berry who also sang the rap portions. The video is interestingly pitched with fiery editing and interesting cinematography which reflects the state of Tamilnadu and the passionate individuals they are. The song also features the issues which are troubling Tamil Nadu and which need good addressing by the government.

The female rapper Iykki Berry deserves a special mention for her glamorous appearance and amazing singing capabilities. She shares good working chemistry with the main rapper Jags De Esan and two of them do a brilliant job in making this song thoroughly enjoyable.  The production values of the video are of high standard with impressive sound presentation as well. The composers did a brilliant job in transporting the song from contemporary rap to a trance track with great fluidity.

All in all, Naalai Namadhe is an impressive initiative from FireFly Films and distributed by SRAG Music to bring the youth of Tamilnadu forward and make a lasting difference in the state with their innovative ideas and passion driven mindset.

Check out the “Nalai Namadhe Music Video” below:

Song Name – Nalai Namadhe
Featuring – Dev Major, Kavingar Snehan, Iykki Berry & Jags De Esan
Music Composer – Dev Major
Rappers – Iykki Berry & Jags De Esan
Lyricist – Iykki Berry
Directed By – Binil Bala
Cinematography – Sunil Mohan
Editing – Tito Francis
Choreographer – S Bhuwaneshwari
Make Up – Monsu
Costume Designer – Naren’s Boutique
Music Label – SRAG Music
Digital Partner – SRAG Pvt. Ltd.

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