cinemaglitz-naanum-rowdy-dhaan-movie-review-02Movie: Naanum Rowdy Dhaan
Direction: Vignesh Shivan
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayantara, Parthiban, Raadhika Sarathkumar
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: George C. Williams
Editor: A. Sreekar Prasad
Genre: Action, Comdey
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: A dandy named Pandi has very constant fluctuation at his career choice. He badly needed someone’s hand in, to sit and solve his work strategy. Eventually there was a person to pick his match and as the time moves on he fixes his identity as a ruffian (a rowdy as we say). Our hero’s mother as a policewomen, was a rat and cat play. One dusky night, showed him his lovey lass named kadambhari who was at the side street to get her father back home. So, there it was a (pattampoochi parakudhu) picturesque. The delightful scenes of platonic love and emotional mixture were the perfect add-on. A hardship falls in our hero’s life when he has to prove his presence and worthiness. Hence, the movie nabs the main stream and successfully flatters onlookers.

Why it’s disappointing: The movie hadn’t got the pitiful plot as it was stuffed in by the LOL frames, tightly packed. The thought which you have in your head, since, not watched it yet, can take this section’s space.
What to watch out for: The movie has well stitched screen directions and the most important acting commands. The chosen artists were faithfully sunk in their roles. It had a touch of every needed impression. A hiatus less flow of scenes.
Our lead has been raving around our media industry with all his good-will appearance and the essential, performance-wise brilliance. As always the flick has sucked his true skill and the portrayal of it was an incredible ‘massu’ effect.
So, it is now “nayantharavaaa… talk”. Have we ever scrutinized a person being so flexible at maintaining the muscle play. Watching this lass since her start up! she zooms in like an amoebic wonder women who keeps switching the body sizes. She looks stunning and no doubt please – it was throughout a jaw-dropped show time. A bold and head up role suits her like skin on the skeleton. Hearing impaired character deserves a hats-off greet.
Parthiepan as a rough boss sculpted in perfect acting, creating a ludicrous space. Taklu (bald) Rajendiran owns that uncontrollably hilarious vocal which triggers our brain to respond in a loud laugh. WOW factor.
Anandraj has got puny flicks but there were those moments which needed his presence and he nailed it performing it in a right way.
We have got a legendary sitcom artist who hasn’t ever kept mum and he prohibited the ‘no nonsense’ factor in toto. Trust me and my time, this man has stolen each and every watcher’s heart.
And I am not missing out the harmony part. Series of hit albums did not trifle his musical outcome. They were mended at exact places and those made audiences hum along leisurely.
Verdict: Good picture in this season. Vignesh sivan has portrayed the sparkling features of artists. Precisely, the movie has taken the huge leap upon success by moulding the climax with so and so much of contents. ROFL gravity stayed for long hours.
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