Muthuramalingam Trailer Review

Just when I was scrolling through YouTube came across this trailer to my surprise. I clicked on seeing the thumbnail of Napolean in handle bar mustache thinking of it being some troll video. But only after watching it realized that it was the trailer of the upcoming film “Muthuramalingam”.

Can’t imagine the stupidity with which it was cut. I’m still in a trance thinking, are most of the Tamil film directors in the race to achieve the award for being the most stupid Director. It’s evident these days that the films are made just for the business for a week and then done. The art has now been sold at a lucrative price. And big stars supporting it has become easier, due to which Kollywood is losing out on quality content.

When we see a 22 year old breaking the stereotype with movies like “D-16”, we are presented with films like Bairavaa and Muthuramalingam.

The most shocking thing to see in the credits was Maestro Illayaraja scoring music for this film. Gautham Karthik is still trying to make his first impression, wonder what he was thinking donning this role. Every frame is so outdated, and the dialogues are annoying. Gautham Karthik trying to be “Singam” doesn’t suit at all. Napolean, I really don’t have words to explain.

Too bad in all this I saw Priya Anand as heroine, hope you recover soon.

One scene where you can’t stop laughing is when Gautham Karthik locks horns with a goat. This one is just an example, there are many in the trailer which you can keep laughing at.

Wonder when this will be released or will be shelved, unfortunately I can’t rate this so pardon me on this.

Checkout the “Muthuramalingam Official Trailer” below:

Video Review will follow soon…

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