Review: This team is presenting short films like those tasty short treats you enjoy during this weather. Yesterday “Giant Wheel” made you think and now “Mr. & Mr. Iyer” is making you laugh. Read closely because even I made the mistake for the obvious reason thinking it’s “Mr. & Mrs. Iyer”.

India in spite of becoming quite a forward country still stays coy about most of the issues, one among that is “Gay Marriage”. It’s not only frowned upon but becomes quite lethal. This topic is quite serious but at the same time becomes quite hilarious in few situations.

Such is the situation with this short film directed by Charukesh Sekar. He handled a grave issue of Gay Marriage in a Tam-Bram family.

Imagine the plight of parents when they get all worked up thinking their son is ready for marriage, suddenly their son drops the bomb saying that they’re going to get a “son-in-law” not a “daughter-in-law”. This sets a great premise for the 9 minute short film. The incidents following to this proposal were well etched with hilarious dialogues in “Iyer” dialect which makes this short all the more interesting and enjoyable.

The story was penned by Lavanya Mohan, camera was handled by Kugan and was edited by Prasanna GK. The music is by the current “Jil Jung Juk” sensation Vishal Chandrashekhar.

Check out the ‘Mr. & Mr. Iyer’ Short Film below:

DOP: Kugan S Palani
Editor: Prasanna GK
Music: Vishal Chandrashekhar
Story: Lavanya Mohan
Screenplay & Director: Charukesh Sekar

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