Mersal Movie Review

Movie: Mersal
Direction: Atlee
Cast: Vijay, Nithya Menon, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal, S J Surya
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematographer: G K Vishnu
Editor: Ruben
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s a Tamil social thriller, which ponders on the nuances and the mal practises followed in Medical industry defeating the ethics of the structure. What happens during this course forms the crux of the story directed by Atlee.

Why it’s disappointing: I have no qualms about this film. It was a perfect mix of masala required for a festive release. There are few sequences which were over the top, but when it comes to Masala flicks those can be neglected when other things fall in to the place.

What to watch out for: First of all, let me just get one thing clear, as I’m not a fan of this film’s hero nor the director. It may come as a surprise, but no one can neglect the truth. The film did have heavy influences from major Tamil blockbusters, it indeed was obvious too. But every director takes inspiration from another, at the end how it’s delivered is what matters the most and Atlee did a fine job. One may argue it’s his routine, but he succeeded the third time, which we will have to give it to him.

Managing and directing a film of this magnitude with an age old repeated subject with keeping the audiences and the fans happy is something which was done perfectly. And with Vijayendra Prasad contributing to the screenplay it was like icing on the cake.

Vijay in multiple roles was something we’ve seen earlier but in this the shades were evenly distributed placing them right in the respective characters, especially the 70’s one. His screen presence have become dynamic, with “MERSAL” he pretty much made people know he’s ready to get in Politics.

The women in the movie had little to do from which Samantha & Kajal had really little to do. It would’ve been great if fresh faces were used which would have fetched them a break.

Nithya Menen had a crisp role and played it right. She did a commendable job.

SJ Surya’s villainous streak continues with “Mersal” after “Spyder” and he seems quite comfortable in the attire. We can most definitely say, we got a new baddie in K-Town now.

Sathyaraj, Sathyan, Yogi Babu and Rajendran had roles which could only be stated as cameos rather supporting artists which includes Kovai Sarala too.

But there was one solid supporting actor and with “Mersal” he hits the word Comeback perfectly. That’s none other than our “Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu”. He was back in form and did a great job.

The highlight of the film was the cinematographer GK Vishnu, and the most interesting fact is “Mersal” is his debut feature film as DOP. He was brilliant and had a great sense of lighting and colour. Every frame was delectable to watch and had a tone which mostly Bollywood commercial films have.

Editing by Ruben was crisp, in spite of 170 minutes he was spot on in putting together events in the best manner.

Music by AR Rahman was really good, even though the song placing was a hindrance to the screenplay they did sound good. The background was racy making the mass factor tastier.

Action by Anal Arasu was well choreographed.

Verdict: Atlee, nudging the criticism and presenting the obvious in a fresh manner is something he’s getting better at. It’s hard to deliver a commercial entertainer keeping most of the factor in mind. And when it’s a festive mood, you need to hit the target and he did with élan. Definitely worth a watch, and indeed a “Mersal Diwali”.

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