Meow Movie ReviewMovie: Meow
Direction: Chinaas Palanisamy
Cast: Urmila Gayathri, King Raja
Music: Sreejith Edavano
Cinematographer: Bhojan K Dinesh
Editor: Satish Surya
Genre: Thriller

What is it about: It’s about a pet cat named “Selfie” who one fine day starts to avenge four troublesome youngsters, why it does and to what reason forms the crux of the story directed by Chinaas Palanisamy.

Why it’s disappointing: Well, I never had expectation with this film, but still was curious as the lead of the film was a cat. Hoping that it will be something out of the box idea to entertain the audience. Unfortunately was disappointed with a film which hardly follows any protocol a filmmaker should in making one. The screenplay was extremely lame with no direction. The film just floats with the idea of a cat avenging youngsters, the first half just drags it till interval with the notion that it will explain it later in the second half. But the second half becomes even lamer, the reason they give for the revenge is an age old technique which was used in 90’s or even in 80’s. The director is quite stuck up with that timeline.

And to top this the, actors were way below average. None of the characters were able to pull off their respective roles. And moreover I’m still wondering the way the women were pictured in this film. It wasn’t sensual, it seemed vulgar, which drew lewd comments from the front seaters in the cinema hall. The women in the film were just used to sport deep necks and low waist. There’s a thin line between sensuality and vulgarity.

The dialogues in the film were very weak which makes it even more of a boring affair. The music in the film was very average by Sreejith Edavana. The cinematography wasn’t that great either, the film had a tone of a Tele serial and the editing was jumpy and sloppy.

What to watch out for: The only thing which you can gather yourself to agree was good in the film was the CG, which was good but with a weak screenplay and direction it went in vain.

Verdict: Chinnas Palanisamy, must be lucky to have producer who did spend on this movie for its CGI, but the director couldn’t do justice to what was given to him. Extremely waste of time and money, you can definitely give this one a miss.

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