Melodious Gurus of Bollywood

1) Mohd Rafi: He was a highly reputed playback singer who has sung in variety of languages and with different styles and genres. His ability to reform his voice texture and quality with the performing artist was incredible.

He had command in different genres such as thumri, qawali, bhajan, ghazal and Indian style songs. He has won 6 filmfare awards in his career. He was a self proclaimed most recorded artist, but the title went to Lata Mangeshkar at first and later went to Asha bhosle.

Most recorded or not, he is the guru of melody and sultan of music without any doubt. His few most remembered compositions are:

  • Kya hua tera waada – Hum kisi se kam nahin 1977
  • Maine poocha chand se – Abdullah 1980
  • Baharo phool barsao – Suraj 1966

2) Lata Mangeshkar: Arguably the best female singer in whole world had a career of around seven decades. Once most recorded artist of all time have won filmfare awards in a row and then voluntarily asked the critics and jury to stop nominating her to appreciate and groom further talents.

Her melodious voice has been part of thirty six thousand regional and international songs. She has sung for languages like hindi, bengali, tamil, english, konkani and etc. Her brilliance cannot be judged by the number of songs she sung but by the versatility, grace, variety and smoothness she had in her voice. Her few famous songs are:

  • Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam – Dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge 1995
  • Dil Deewana bina sajhna ke mane na – Maine pyar kia 1989
  • Mehndi laga ke rakhna – Dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge 1995
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