Check out the full “Master Piece” short film below:

Movie: Master Piece
Direction: Sridharan G
Cast: Yashmith, Kathir Karthik, Gokul, Ram & Saberna
Music: Chaamie
Cinematographer: Jaya Prakash
Editor: JV Manikanda Balaji
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

MASTER PIECE”, a fantasy comedy short film directed by Sridharan G and produced by Mithras in association with SRAG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The movie showcases two friends, their photography profession and how they encounter with a major turning point in their lives which leaves their future changed entirely.

The film is built on a good platform, and something which is interesting. Two youngsters stumble on to a DSLR camera which packs an eccentric power of killing the person who is captured by it.

Director Sridharan explores the subject pretty well, even though it staggers at few points manages to sail through with a mild comic relief. The actors in the film do a convincing job. The lead played by Yashmith, who was seen in a feature film earlier did a commendable job and fit the bill aptly. Music by Chaamie was really good and the background score was derived well for a short film.

Sridharan does a decent job on presenting a short film, whose story has a potential of becoming a feature film.

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