cinemaglitz-master-piece-short-film-trailer-review-01cinemaglitz-master-piece-short-film-trailer-review-yashmith-02Movie: Master Piece
Direction: Sridharan G
Cast: Yashmith, Kathir Karthik, Gokul, Ram & Saberna
Music Director: Chaamie
Cinematography: Jaya Prakash
Editor: JV Manikanda Balaji
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Rating: ∗∗∗

Master Piece Short Film Trailer Review: Among the huge crowd of supernatural, horror, romance and social messages this short film seems like the one which might stand out with its concept. Sridharan writer & director have tried something which has not been tapped yet. Two freelance photographers stumble on to a camera, which make their life an unexpected adventure.

The cast seems to be promising with Actor Yashmith of “Yoogan” fame playing the lead followed by Kathir Karthick, Gokul, Saberna and Ram. Its edited by JV Manikanda Balaji, who is currently working for Director Ahmed’s film as an Editor. The score is pretty impressive by Chaamie.

Check out the official trailer of ‘Master Piece’ Short Film below:

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