CinemaGlitz-Masala-Padam-Review-01CinemaGlitz-Masala-Padam-Review-02Movie: Masala Padam
Direction: Laxman
Cast: Mirchi Shiva, Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, Reshma, Harini Ramesh,
Music: Karthik Acharya
Cinematographer: Laxman
Editor: Richard Kevin
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: This film is about the latest trend on how social media have affected the movie business in whole. The movie revolves around a bunch of aspiring filmmakers who basically thrash films online in the name of blogging, sharing thoughts and the most happening “Meme” creation, which trolls the film if they feel it’s not up to the mark. One fine day they’re given an open challenge by a film producer to make a Masala Padam with all the logical elements. Taking up the challenge the young bunch embark on a quest with no direction, just then they are hit with an idea and a person who helps them in conceiving their script. What happens during this process is a rollicking ride of action, comedy and romance.

Why it’s disappointing: I don’t find anything disappointing in this Masala Padam.

What to watch out for: This film sets a good stage for argument on who is right? Is it the filmmakers who make pointless commercial cinema with zero logic or the critics who trash the movie with their intellectuality? This is an argument which is never ending as both have their solid points and can’t pick a side. It’s easy to thrash a film, and of course it’s a tough task to make one. Like they say in the movie, at the end of the day a common is happy with the illogical entertainer, as that is what a common man dreams of doing in real life, which our filmmakers and the actors make them come true.

Director Laxman Kumar who is a former cinematographer turned director, did a great job in making a film which touches all the segments with caution and brings out the points which in fact throws light on few things a common man or an ardent blogger might ignore.

The best part of the movie is the screenwriter who doubles up as the lead actress of this very film. Lakshmi Devy, she did a fantastic job with the writing which was well penned with powerful dialogues which makes this “Masala Padam” tastier. As an actress she have to work on it more, but as a writer, she’s damn good. The dialogues, puns, and witty one-liners made this film more entertaining.

The movie has Bobby Simha, who was seen in a rustic role and was portrayed pretty well keeping the theme of the movie. He did a good job and was a good touch on the action part of the film.

Shiva, what can you say about this lad, the sight of him on the screen gets huge applause and whistles, he is an actor who has to work less on natural emotions, still he rises the best with his style of acting. He amuses you the most in the film.

There were quite a few debutante in the movie. Harini Ramesh a model turned actress shares the screen space quite well and did a good job. Reshma Pasupuleti a well-known actress from Television world made her debut in Masala Padam, she may have very less screen space but it’s a start and can expect her to excel more. Gaurav plays the romantic angle in the Masala Padam and did a fine job.

The score was good by Karthik Acharya, songs were not forced in to the script. Cinematography was done by the director himself, which was good and the film was cut very precisely by Richard Kevin, which made this one a tight entertainer with no dull moments.

Verdict: Laxman knew the pulse of the current audience and did a fantastic job in deriving a movie along with Lakshmi, who made this “Masala Padam” spicier with her impeccable writing. Definitely worth a watch, as you won’t be disappointed in spending the Rs.120/- and it keeps the critics happy too. It lives up to his title, as all the elements were perfectly mixed with right proportion.

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