Marvels Captain America Civil War Trailer 2 Review

Holy mother of GOD, did I just witness one of the epic trailer from the house MARVEL. The new trailer of Captain America: Civil War is all kinds of awesomeness which any fan could ask for, If you wonder why this excitement??? You will come to know when the trailer ends…wait for it…its legendaryyyy.

When your own stand against in a fight, it not only becomes tough, but one which is exhausting mentally and physically. This fight between Team IRONMAN & Team CAPTAIN is going to be something, which would all the records. When Batman is battling it out with Superman on March 25th 2016, we have Captain & Ironman fighting it out on May 6th 2016.
Catch the CIVIL WAR on IMAX and IMAX 3D at a cinema near you, coming soon.

Check out the Official Trailer of “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – Trailer 2” below:

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