Maragadha Naanayam Movie ReviewMovie: Maragadha Naanayam
Direction: ARK Saravan
Cast: Aadhi, Nikki Galrani
Music: Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Cinematographer: PV Shankar
Editor: Prasanna GK
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: This film is a fantasy adventure comedy, which revolves around a cursed “Emerald Stone”. And when Aadhi goes in seeking that stone for a buyer creates ripples, what happens during this journey forms the crux of the story directed by ARK Saravanan.

Why it’s disappointing: I have no qualms about this film. As you can’t look for logic in this film, it’s intended to be that way.

What to watch out for: Once in a while, a film of this sort is needed. And when the factor of fantasy is induced in to that, becomes an icing on the cake. Director ARK Saravanan did a fine job in scripting this comical ride, which doesn’t take a breath. It runs at god speed, with events placed on after the other. The screenplay was really good, as it stuck to its genre and didn’t deflect from it. And when a director decides to let go of logic and gets down to make an out and out illogical one, he achieves a great output which cracks the audience at the brink of it. And when you decorate that with a potential cast, who can tickle your funny bone endlessly, the fun is just endless.

Aadhi, did a neat job, there was nothing which was needed an effort to go that extra mile. He fit the attire.

Daniel Pope, was great and hilarious with his funny antics. He’s been scoring back to back.

Ramdoss, is that actor who is becoming a landmark character in Kollywood at the moment. His comedy timing is impeccable.

Anandaraj, was great and did a commendable job and so did Arunraja Kamaraj.

The surprise package was Nikki Galrani, whose character took a different shape, she did that with great style and her body language was spot on. You’ll understand when you watch the film.

The cinematography by PV Shankar was neat and was crisply edited by Prasanna GK. Music by Dhibu Ninan Thomas was good, so was the background score.

Verdict: ARK Saravanan, did a great job in shaping up this comedy, which is most definitely the “Laugh Out Loud” one. A great stress buster after a hectic week, definitely worth a watch and can be enjoyed with the family.

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