Manithan Movie ReviewMovie: Manithan
Direction: I Ahmed
Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Prakash Raj
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematographer: R Madhi
Editor: JV Manikanda Balaji
Genre: Drama, Family
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s about an unsuccessful lawyer, who embarks on a mission to become a successful one to marry the love of his life. The hurdles he faces during this journey and how he tackles them forms the crux of the story adapted from the original “Jolly LLB” and directed by I.Ahmed.

Why it’s disappointing: I wouldn’t pick on the negative too much on this film, as it was an honest attempt in making a remake. There were minute potholes which could be ignored.

Moreover, the role of Hansika could have been offered to a newcomer. Not that she wasn’t good, but that role required a simple looking girl and with Hansika it looked made up and did not sync.

What to watch out for: This film really worked for Udhayanidhi Stalin, he made a safe move with a script which was a stupendous hit in Bollywood. The film has a great story to tell which was woven well in Hindi. And with this remake they did an honest job.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, has done a decent job in this film compared to all his outings till date. And is starting to prove that he is improvising his skills and would succeed one day. He have made a good effort and tried his best to please the audience and have performed the scenes involving court scenes quite well.

Prakash Raj, a perfect fit for the role as Adisheshan. You enjoy watching him in this role and it was perfect justice to the original.

Aishwarya Rajesh was good and did a meaty job. Vivek was perfect in the role of Udhay’s uncle and he brings in quite a few laughs apart from Udhay & Prakash Raj’s head to head arguments.

The best character was that of Radharavi as Judge, he was exceptional and after a long gap we got to see him in a role suited for his character. He played it with great grace and added witty humour to it.

Cinematography by Madhi was great, he did a good job. So did Manikanda Balaji in keeping it crisp with his editing. The music was quite average for Santhosh Narayanan, expected a bit more on the background score section.

Verdict: Ahmed did a great job in keeping the essence of original and containing it without tampering. This made “Manithan” an entertaining one, which manages to get to the audience at its comfort. Definitely worth a watch.

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