Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi urges corona survivors to donate plasmaVijay Sethupathi who is known as Makkal Selvan in his twitter head has shared a tweet addressing that he is glad to announce Plasma donation program initiated by Dr.A.Mohamed Hakkim.

Vijay Sethupathi has been a great actor with dignity and humility. He respects his fans and is very attached to them as no other actors. That’s why he derived the name MAKKAL SELVAN and is one of the most respected actor with no filmy background and his struggles in the film industry along with his acting skills made him an actor who cannot be replaced by anyone else.

Now, as the plasma treatment has been effective in treating the patients infected with corona by the plasma from the patients who has already been cured. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal sir has announced that this treatment is very effective.

But the problem was that more than 90% of patients cured from Coronavirus refused to donate their plasma and this has made a very disappointing impression over the health ministry. This initiative by Dr.A.Mohamed who is a Doctor as well as an Entrepreneur will help to bring awareness among the people and help the affected people to cure soon.

The actor stated that Dr.A.Muhamed Hakkim along with Uyir Thuli Trichy blood bank has launched this program in Tamil Nadu. Makal Selvan also stated that the most important quality one should have in this situation is kindness and empathy. He also stated that its very important to be a reason behind someone’s life by donating their plasma.

The fans has been showering lots of love to the post and some has even owed to help atleast one person in their life and be their reason to live. It was a great gesture by actor like Vijay Sethupathi to do this launching event and making his fans to follow the same. This will give the youngsters a sense of responsibility and humanity.

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