Making of King Khan: Shah Rukh Khan’s Biography

We, as the fans of King khan, think that we all are well aware about the life of the superstar. However, as any other superstar, King khan also has a life that no one is aware of. Revealing all his journey as a Bollywood actor, King Khan has launched his biography in an event. Named as “25 Years Of A Life”, the biography of Shah Rukh Khan contains the juice of 25 years he has spent in Bollywood.

While launching his biography, King Khan paid his gratitude toward his friends and colleagues who helped them to transform from a normal guy to THE KING KHAN.

King khan talked about several memories that he has of his older days when he was just a normal guy landed to Mumbai with lots of dreams and hopes in heart. Making of King Khan: Shah Rukh Khan’s BiographyFrom the day he entered the television industry, and the day he signed his first movie (Hema Malini’s “Dil Ashna hai”), the book has it all. In all, the biography contains every single moment that has great importance and is deeply attached with his life.  Moreover, the biography also shows some untouched events of Shah Rukh’s life that are unknown up till now to his fans.

The book, as any other biography, listed every single problem Shah Rukh has faced in his career and stages that he has cleared to become a heart-throb of nation.

After the event, King Khan thanked the writer on twitter and mentioned that his kid Abram loved his book on Papa. So, for a die-hard fan of King Khan, the book is a must read, and also for those who want to know what struggle Shah Rukh faced in his life. Additionally, the book is a great inspiration for those who want to achieve something in their life.

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