Magalir Mattum Movie ReviewMovie: Magalir Mattum
Direction: Bramma
Cast: Jyothika, Saranya, Urvashi, Bhanupriya
Music: Ghibran
Cinematographer: S Manikandan
Editor: C S Prem
Genre: Drama
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a Tamil drama film, which revolves around three women, who happen to reunite after a years together, the fun ride they go on forms the crux of the story directed by Bramma.

Why it’s disappointing: This delivers what it intended to, so no complaints.

What to watch out for: It’s a relief when you get to watch a film, which is so simple and straight forward. You can just relax and let your emotions flow at the brink of it. Mostly women oriented films propagandize the clichés and make it so intense and somewhere it fails to connect to the audience with the grim approach. But here director Bramma, balances the issues with finesse and lays it out in the simplest form that anyone would get it in to their head strong. Delivered light but hits you hard, that’s the notion “Magalir Mattum” runs on, which most definitely hits the bulls-eye with the target audience.

It’s a lot of pressure on a director who has been rewarded with National Award, and when he dives in to commercial cinema he gets under a radar which is hard to escape. But he beautifully delivered a film, which every soul will relate to. He became the voice of those women, who have been silent for years together without voicing out their frustration, adjusting to the lifestyles of their loved ones. A moment is all that requires to realize the difference between RESPECT and DIGNITY, so does between CHOICE and DEMAND.

Jyothika as Prabha, to be honest you can’t call her the lead of the film. Because her character was etched out so well that it becomes a part of all the characters. And she has improvised a lot and has been dishing out some great ones, in MM she does a solid one, and you get to see a different Jyothika, which you haven’t seen earlier.

Urvashi as Komatha, my god she can tickle your funny bone endlessly. An amazing performer who can deliver anything you lay out in front of her with ease, hands down. Amazing timing and exceptional.

Vandana as Younger Komatha, she did a perfect justice to the senior one, and was in sync with her timing. A great performer to look for in future.

Saranya Ponnavan as Subbu, you can never get tired of her comedy and she jabs the dialogues like no one can. And a smile so pretty that steals your heart. She fits the bill perfectly and did a commendable job.

Nivedhithaa Sathish as Younger Subbu, she would be most definitely someone to look out for in future. Her character was etched out as a cry baby, and she played that hands down, it’s really hard to perform such characters but she did it effortlessly and matches Saranya in all means.

Bhanupriya as Rani, a yesteryear actor who stole many hearts back then, has still got the charm in her performance. And she reminds everyone that she’s still got it. A great performance by Bhanupriya.

Shobana Karthikeyan as Younger Rani, she doubles up as daughter to Bhanupriya in the current phase of the film. A crisp performer and made sure to grab the attention of the audience.

Another noteworthy character in the film was Pavel Naganeethan as Karthi, he was brilliant and was under the skin of the character. Nassar as Kodandaraman and Livingston as Mangalamurthi were apt in their attires. Gokul as Balaji & Maya as Amina had short stints, but made their impression.

The cinematography by Manikandan was brilliant and delectable, he was in sync with director’s vision and that was a great experience. And then CS Prem who did a great job in editing this film at a prominent pace.

The music by Ghibran was amazing and did wonders to the film, every track was so catchy and the background score evokes the intended emotion.

Verdict: Bramma, did an exceptional job in keeping the sanity of the emotions intact and laid them out in the simplest form, which became the beauty of the film. He reached out to many hearts with a straight forward notion. Please don’t miss this light hearted drama, and makes sure to take the women you want to celebrate this journey with.

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