Lyricist Vivek who is known in Kollywood cinema for his songs which always touch heart. He is one of the top lyricist in recent times. He has been received various awards also for his work in the kollywood cinema. His lyrics in the song ‘Aalaporan Thamizhan’ was loved by each and every tamilian and it will forever remain in the hearts of them. He is also known for his melodious works for Neethane song from Mersal and also Unakaga song from Bigil.

He today morning uploaded tweet which directly teases the recent songs from Bollywood. He mentions that he accidentally broke the CD drive of 1999 Taal movie which stars Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor and various other actors. He then mentions that when he played the broken CD drive, it still sounded better than most of the bollywood songs. The movie Taal was a blockbuster hit movie and it’s music was composed by Maestro A. R. Rahman. He uses the hashtag #ARRisOurPride in his tweet.

He is clearly talking about the gangs who are spreading rumours about ARR in bollywood due to which he isn’t receiving enough films from Bollywood. Lyricist Vivek has done this to mention how epic is the music of the maestro that even when broken CD plays the music is better than the bollywood songs. This is one of the epic troll any celebrity has done with bollywood. The lyricists is against the happenings with A. R. Rahman and he mentions that as a tamilian he is our pride.

Without ARR it is impossible for Indian cinema to get recognition throughout the world through the movie slumdog millionaire for which the composer received two Academy Award which is still not broken by any other composers in India as well as in the world.

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