Lyca to equip Theatres in the country with 3D for 2.0

Lyca, to equip Theatres in the country with 3D for 2.0Early Wednesday morning ITC Grand Chola, Chennai was beaming with media, theatre owners, vendors and filmmakers who were as curious as George to know what all the hoopla about this technology is was. Which would require the existing theatres to install new equipment to have a better and extensive viewing experience. We all know something of the same, when Auro 3D 11.1 was required to experience the sound mix of “Vishwaroopam”. But there was a meagre response to that, one can ask what will make the cinema owners to install something new this time? Answer to that question would be, they will because the film has the technical calibre and an upgrade which is long overdue.

Most of this is already available with leading multiplexes, but the issues lies with standalone theatres. Who would have to extend their support and co-operate, as the “2.0” has been extensively shot in “3D”. Being said, the first question which comes to one’s mind is the BUDGET, we were expecting something humungous amount to shoot us down, but after a presentation done by a leading 3D provider “Real Films/ GetD” , one can actually think about installing the tech at their theatre. The sum ranges from a Standard to Premium set up, i.e. between ₹3, 50,000/- – ₹6, 90,000/-. Then comes the question, return of investment, surely as many Hollywood films are shot in 3D and released in India, and 3D has a higher ticket price, bringing in revenue and especially the family audience flocking to theatres with their kids to enjoy the films, as majority of the animation films are made in 3D. So theatres would have an increase in revenue eventually.

A strong point was made by the Raju Mahalingam (COO, Lyca Productions), stressing the importance of the 3D installation in B & C centres and making them aware of technology and benefits. Earlier “Dolby Atmos” was an alien and now majority of the stand-alone theatres have installed them for better experience, so this wouldn’t be a toughie. And there’s an expectation of 300+ screens to install this technology by the release of their prestigious project “2.0”. Also he gave an insight on upcoming projects from Lyca Productions. From which one project caught our eye instantly was, “23 Pulikesi – Part 2” starring Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu. He also raises concerns on holding off at the moment to take up new projects due to the current scenario in Tamil Cinema. To which Tirupur Subramaniam one of the renowned distributor of Tamilnadu stated in his speech that, he doesn’t have to worry as everything will fall in to place sooner than expected.

The Digital Meet had few vendors showcasing their products related to 3D technology. Which included the market leader “QUBE Technologies” a.k.a “Real Image”, with “Real Films – GetD”, Harkness Screens, GM Audio, PRO AV and PVR Cinemas. They also had a demo set up for the guests at the seminar to experience the 3D tech, to enhance the movie watching experience.

This initiative by Lyca Productions to educate the people on the importance of technology in Cinema, will enhance the cinema going experience drawing more audience to cinema halls. People were sceptical on IMAX in Chennai, but you see full house in spite of pricey tickets and the recent release “Bahubali the Conclusion” attracted repeat audience just for the experience. With audience growing mature on Cinema and its technicality, introducing new technology will benefit the theatre owners.

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