Kuttram 23 Movie ReviewMovie: Kuttram 23
Direction: Arivazhagan
Cast: Arun Vijay, Mahima Nambiar
Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematographer: Bhaskaran K M
Editor: Bhuvan Srinivasan
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a crime thriller which ponders the white collar medical crimes. How these crimes, as spun in to common people’s lives forms the crux of the story directed by Arivazhagan.

Why it’s disappointing: This thriller had a very strong potential of being an edge of the seat thriller. Wondering what made this one less of what expected. Most definitely, the common factor of falling prey to commercialism. Agreed a bit of commercialism is required when it comes to Tamil cinema, sentiments are a vital point when women are involved and when it’s laced with motherhood, it becomes sensitive.

But all this factors were splurged in abundance, taking the focus of the core subject. The lead played by Arun Vijay’s character begun with great promise and then dives in to clichés. This brought down the authenticity of the character.

There were quite a few logical loop holes, which were not given thought on. It was disheartening to see director Arivazhagan making these mistakes, as he gave one after the other good thrillers. And in this he didn’t do justice to himself.

You keep waiting for the film to take control, and the wait ends and film is done, credits are rolled.

What to watch out for: The lead played by Arun Vijay was an honest one, he did his role to the finest and was crisp in the uniform. In spite of the character was carried away with few clichés, he managed to nudge it well.

Mahima Nambiar, may not be a famous in the circuit. But has a natural flavour for acting and did her role well.

Another noteworthy character in the film was Aravind Akash, who had negative shades and he did a commendable job.

And there was Abhinaya, she is one of finest in the industry in her category. Thambi Ramaiah did a good job, especially in one scene he gets major applause.

The music was good by Vishal Chandrashekar and so was the background score. The cinematography by Bhaskaran had a neat tone and was edited well by Bhuvan.

Verdict: Arivazhagan, somewhere loses big on this thriller. A perfect plot was exploited with too much of Kollywood. In spite of a great subject available to lure the audience. It doesn’t hold strong attention.

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