CinemaGlitz-Komban-Movie-Review-01CinemaGlitz-Komban-Movie-Review-02Movie: Komban
Direction: M. Muthaiah
Cast: Karthi, Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran, Super Subbarayan, I. M. Vijayan, Kovai Sarala, Karunas,Thambi Ramaiah, G. Gnanasambandam,
Music Director: G V Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Velraj
Editor: Praveen K L
Genre: Action/Drama

Rating: ∗∗

What is it about: It is a tale of three villages where our protagonist, Karthi is a social activist and a butcher from one of them. He has a fiery temper but is equally kind and spends his days defending the rights of the people from all the three villages. During a time of inter-village festivities he meets Lakshmi Menon and falls in love with her. Karthi’s well meaning relative, Karuna learns about his intentions and tries to bring the star crossed lovers together. Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Rajkiran gets a whiff of the proceedings and over zealously makes enquiries about Karthi which infuriates him to no end. Eventually, the wedding takes place but Karthi remains indifferent to his father-in-law till one fine day, after a fight between them, he realizes that Rajkiran is infact, well intentioned and they make peace. Meanwhile, Karthi’s short fuse and natural tendency to get into fights makes him a lot of enemies. During one of these encounters, his own father-in-law becomes the target of his enraged enemies to get revenge. The rest of the story revolves around Karthi turning over a new leaf and protecting Rajkiran and defending his family from the villains seeking their destruction.

What to watch out for: The cinematographer Mr Velraj has captured the perfect tone of the plot and the movie is a treat for the eyes. Lakshmi Menon has outdone herself with this performance and shines in her performance. Kovai Sarala stands out in her role as the doting mother. Rajkiran, Thambi Ramaiya, Karunas, Super Subburayan and the rest of the cast have done a commendable job bringing together this film.

Drawbacks: While G.V Prakash’s background score is folksy and nice, the songs don’t truly stand out. Karthi’s role in this movie draws lots of parallels with his role in ‘Paruthiveeran’ without bringing anything new to the table. The second half of the movie is a little lacklustre because of its prolonged fight scenes and drama that tend to get boring.

Verdict : A decent family entertainer that can be watched once!

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