This pandemic has put everyone in isolation regardless of their health condition. But sometimes in situation like these we realize or discover something new about us.

That being said this short film “KoCoNaKa” (Konjam Corona Naraiyya Kadhal) written, edited and directed by Shanthnu Bhagyaraj starring himself and his wife Kiki Vijay is a perfect example.

It’s a simple and straight forward short film where they subtly depict the routine of a regular household which in fact doesn’t change regardless if it’s a pandemic or not. It seemed very honest and was well performed by both the actors.  It doesn’t take much of your time, give it a shot.

Cast & Crew:

Direction: Shanthnu Bhagyaraj
Cast: Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, Kiki Vijay
Music: Ganesan Sekar
Cinematographer: Yuvashree
Editor: Shanthnu Bhagyaraj

Watch the Short Film “KoCoNaKa” Here:

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