Keka Beka Keka Beka Short Film Review

The title itself has a great ring to the comedy element. After watching a tiring love story, this short film came in to suggestion. And I couldn’t resist watching it and moreover when a short film is appreciated by Superstar himself then you should give it a glance. And I was not at all disappointed. It whole heartedly fulfilled its title.

Amazing out of the box thinking, which covers the requisites with great humour. Director Raana, did an exceptional job in making the online audiences laugh their guts out. It’s a very simple story but the way it was executed makes this one funnier.

Most definitely the cast played a vital role and Kishore Rajkumar was brilliant. He has the body language of a perfect comedian and a actor at heart. Hoping for his career to take off in a big manner soon.

Then there were the supporting characters in the film played by Sathya Kumaran and Vikie, who were a perfect fiddle to Kishore. Then Varsha and Sowmya complete the ensemble filling the requisites.

The cinematography by Praveen was apt, and was crisply edited by Raana himself. Now these are talents, Kollywood is in dire need of, who can think out of the box and entertain people, whether it’s on You Tube or on the Silver Screen.

Check out the full “Keka Beka Keka Beka” short film below:
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Cast and Crew

Cast: Kishore Rajkumar, Sathya Kumaran, Vikie, Sowmya Raghunath, Varsha Sundaram
Cinematography: Praveen Balu
Writer & Director: Raana

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