Kaththi Sandai Movie ReviewMovie: Kaththi Sandai
Direction: Suraj
Cast: Vishal, Tamannaah, Vadivelu, Jagapati Babu, Soori
Music: Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematographer: Richard M Nathan
Editor: Selva RK
Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller

What is it about: It’s an action-romantic thriller which deals with the blemished politicians who suck up the money allotted for the welfare of public. The film is directed by Suraaj.

Why it’s disappointing: After watching this week’s release “Kaththi Sandai” we really feel that there’s something really wrong with Tamil film industry. The makers are either too carried away with their over confidence or it’s a new way of intentional loss of funds to escape the current situation. This film was absurd, and you can say absurd is a very small word for it. A director who has been dishing out flops one after the other gets another chance to make a movie and deliver yet another flop. There’s hardly any intention of direction in this film. It was just a template and not a very good one, which shows how bad a maker could be, who couldn’t even follow the template in the right form.

Vishal is a potential actor, but he is not putting his head together in choosing films or he’s too lazy to work hard. Tamannaah was just used to fill in the template. And the worst was highlighting the skin tone of Vishal which was annoying and racist. How many movies will this continue on the same note.

There was so much hype around the comedians in the film which was filled in by Soori in the first half with the most annoying scenes which you can’t even laugh in despair. And his lady attire was tad bit too much.

Then there was the most talked about Vadivelu’s return in the old form. But when you see the character, you just ask REALLY??? He plays the role of a psychiatrist, never seen such a hideous one. The outfit and the look derived for him was ridiculous. I can say “Vaigai Puyal” is definitely not back and his comedy didn’t work at all.

None of the supporting characters were good enough to hold any attention.

The music by Hip Hop Tamizha was not at all in sync and the songs were forced in just for the sake of it.

To top it all the action sequences just gave headache.

What to watch out for: When the screenplay is this bad, it doesn’t matter if the cinematography and editing was good. Because those were the only two good things about the film. Richard and Selva did a decent job respectively.

Verdict: Suraaj should seriously take a break and think about alternatives or get in to production rather direction. Films of this sort is waste of time and money and a huge wastage of theatre screens which can be allotted for better films, so that audience can catch them without these hindrance. Please save yourself from this disaster.

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