kannamoochi-web-series-reviewWeb Series Title: Kannamoochi
Direction: Avinaash Hariharan
Concept & Story: G R Aadithya
Cast: Poorna, Amzath, Vivek Prasanna,
Music: Sundaramurthy K S
Cinematographer: Prasanna Kumar
Editor: Ranjeet C K
Genre: Horror
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s Tamil web series where Priya(Poorna) relocates to Chennai from Bangalore along with her deaf and dumb daughter Aishu (Aaradhya) into a dilapidated apartment. The events which occur post their occupancy in that apartment forms the crux of the story written by GR Aadithya and directed by Avinaash Hariharan.

Web-series are slowly warming up to Tamil film industry. Which is still a little shy to experiment compared to its counterparts. But still we see a handsome number of web series popping up on leading OTT platforms. Most of them don’t make the cut and are lost in the web space. But a handful comes into notice due to their good work. Kannamoochi is one such web series which grabs your attention with its subject. In spite being a clichéd plot, still horror has the ability to pull the audience to their couches. The series is spread out in 5 episodes which run about 25 minutes on average per episode. In no time you’d binged the entire season.

Kannamoochi had a great potential for 2 seasons and could’ve been a trendsetter in the genre. But sadly it loses out by rushing it.

Poorna did a fantastic job as Priya. She was commendable. That was followed by Amzath Khan and Vivek Prasanna with good performances. Bose Venkat as Loudersamy did a great job. But Radhakrishnan as the doctor didn’t quite cut the chops for a creepy character. There was something about him which was not convincing.The series was neatly packed but it lacked the depth or the time it required to explore the characters. It seemed a little rushed. Because when I finished the season, I had the feeling of watching a movie split into 5 episodes. It felt like this was originally scripted for a film but was split into episodes to appear as web series. An important factor which our industry is neglecting when drafting a web series. There’s a vital need for exploring the characters so that audience can try to relate and hold on to them. This would call for two seasons. Because that’s the whole point of a web series. Where the creator gets his/her freedom to let the creative juices flow. Kannamoochi had a great potential for 2 seasons and could’ve been a trendsetter in the genre. But sadly it loses out by rushing it.

These were few factors which held back Kannamoochi for not being the trendsetter and just pass off being just another Tamil web series.

The cinematography by Prasanna Kumar was brilliant. Ranjeet did a great job with editing and Sundaramurthy’s score was good.

Verdict: Avinash Hariharan did a neat job with Kannamoochi. Due to few setbacks it loses out being the trendsetter it could’ve been. It’s a decent horror series you can binge in just one sitting. Do check it out. It’s currently streaming on Zee 5.

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