Kalki Koechlin unblushed poetry: The way this girl has grown in to a women is remarkable. She’s one actress who I admire for her way of making you stand and notice. She always lends her voice to the issues which needs attention.

This poetry throws a raw picture of yellow journalism, showing how people fall prey to juicy headlines and vulgar statements. This isn’t a video which focuses on feminism but a grave issue which our society is been ignoring in the midst of hopeless media misleading us.

Rapes, acid attacks, female abortion, freedom to dress, eve teasing, cat calling, harassment at work, dowry, forced marriages, sex trafficking, forced prostitution…are a few things many women face these days. These are grave issues but we see people arguing over “Free Basics”, always get distracted by the huge corporate web laid with luring temptations.

Kalki just ripped the media and society for being cynical. Listen to the lyrics closely and you’ll realize what it really has to say, how the great heritage of our nation is brought to its knees by the little printing machines. A brilliant video written & performed by Kalki Koechlin, produced by Culture Machine, directed by Akansha Seda, cinematography by Vinod Chhabra, styled by Rashi Verma, edited by Amir Nirmal, DI and VFX by Amit vfx DI and composed by Ankur Shrivastava.

Check out the video below:

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