Kabali Teaser Review

The entire Tamilnadu has been restless for past 24 hours, waiting eagerly to get a glimpse of the much awaited stupendous teaser of “Kabali”. And there it is, a remarkable teaser which have totally blown every one’s senses. We could happily say “Thalaivar” is back. Director Ranjith have done a great job in reviving the magic, which was lost for a short period.

With that being said, Rajinikanth working with a young team has changed the frequency in the industry. This would initiate a trust among the big stars in coming forward to start working with young talents paving way for quality cinema.

This teaser is sheer Rajnism, the walk, the style and that dialogue delivery….Neruppu Da!!!

The background score by Santhosh Narayanan is classic. The teaser cut by Praveen KL is ultimate, it has been cut with the fans in mind and has come out well, which even the neutral fans will enjoy.

The teaser is so captivating the restless souls have become even more restless. The films is slated for a release late this summer. Hoping for a fest at the theatres which will bring back Superstar days which were lost in recent times.

Check out the Official Teaser of “Kabali” below:

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