Joker Movie ReviewMovie: Joker
Direction: Raju Murugan
Cast: Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian
Music: Sean Roldan
Cinematographer: Chezhiyan
Editor: Shanmugam Velusamy
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a social satire film, where a common man who questions the system is considered as a Joker. This film is directed by Raju Murugan from “Cuckoo” fame.

Why it’s disappointing: I couldn’t find anything which could go negative in this film.

What to watch out for: What makes this film more interesting is its dialogues which were meticulously crafted to hit the target which is pretty much our Government. Every dialogue was celebrated by the audience and were having a ball of laugh.

The film has a wit which will impress you instantly right from the first frame. The sequences were well etched and writing was great by Raju Murugan. The film ponders on everything which is wrong with our system and few incidents just hits you really hard. The film has few moments which not only hits you politically but also in terms of religion. There’s a scene in a Govt. Hospital an old man who is extremely sick will be sitting with his wife and you’ll see two missionaries performing rituals, to which Somasundaram will comment on the situation which was a bitter truth.

The first half goes at a tight pace with the lead characters competing with each other and the second half dives a little mellow with a sweet romance which you will definitely enjoy.

Guru Somasundaram is a gem which Kollywood has in the name of an actor. He did the role with great diligence and an intensity which everyone will applaud without a doubt. His performance is definitely worthy of many accolades.

The other characters played by Ramya Pandian as Maliga was apt and she did a fine justice to the role. That well followed by Ramasamy he did a commendable job and that was closely followed by Bava Chelladurai and Gayathri Krishna.

The music in the film was perfectly synced with the theme of the film and Sean Roldan was really great with it. It had a wee little comic and had a balance with right proportions.

Verdict: Raju Murugan has given a film which may not favour many but gives a punch on pretty much the vital matters which a common man always has on his mind. But when it comes to voice them out, he’s scared whether it will heard or will he be called a Joker, like they state in the film. The film was really celebrated by the audience, every scene every dialogue was welcomed with great whistles and applause. After a while we got to watch a film which ended with genuine applause. Definitely worth a watch for amazing performances and crisp film by Raju Murugan.

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