Jason Bourne Trailer Review

One of the best franchise from Universal Pictures, where every movie had its own space. Characterization is one thing which this series never lost its value. “Jason Bourne” became a lost identity which it kept exploring, in turn we got some edge of the seat action thrillers.

Matt Damon returns, and he looks fabulous. And the best part is Paul Greengrass returns as the director. This sequel looks larger than life, and has more production value compared to the previous ones. Are they going to end the franchise or it’s moving forward, that would be a question worth asking?

The casting gets better with Tommy Lee Jones and Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander along with Julia Stiles reprising the role of “Nicky”. Loved every frame of this trailer and the best part is July 27th 2016 is not that far.

Check out the Official Trailer of “Jason Bourne” below:

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