James Vasanthan and Bharathi Raja want TN people to boycott CSK match!Music composer James Vasanthan and director Bharathi Raja want Tamil Nadu to boycott CSK match on April 10 to show their solidarity in the Cauvery issue.

In his statement, James Vasanthan said “We’re showing our solidarity and opposition in the issue of Cauvery, through several ways and methods. I’ll suggest one. Some may not like it. Think and decide. CSK’s first match is on April 10. An empty Chepauk Stadium, which has a capacity of 50,000, can attract international attention. It will be seen worldwide on TV. This can be achieved without spending a rupee – by a small sacrifice. Mettur Dam opens on June 12th, every year. Whether it will open this year in the present political situation (days are gone when it was opened based on water levels), whether the problem will be solved and whether the selfish politician demons will solve it are million dollar questions. Now, we have to fight this and force them to find a solution.The Jallikattu movement is a model for you. An inspiration! All I am suggesting is to abstain from going to the stadium for a single match and strengthen this water movement of this state! Do not think this is a problem of farmers. It’s problem of our everyday life. The problem of food production. Tamil Nadu, whose staple food is rice! Do not misconstrue that this is a problem of Tamils but of everyone who is living in this state. You also need to stand by us. It’s not a language problem.. but of life! The problem of the fields that produce your everyday meal. Without sufficient water, it will affect food production, which will affect the livelihood and even the whole economy.. including your business! The request is not to go to the stadium just for one match. Watch at home. This sacrifice is only by 50,000 people, but benefiting about 7 crore people, for a lifetime. I would remind that none incurs any loss due to this. Our star players will have no cut on their pay, or the TV’s revenue. CSK will willingly support it, cos they represent us, this state. But we can draw the attention of the judges, of the central government and of the entire world”.

Bharathi Raja also requested Tamilians to not encourage IPL matches, he wants the people of Tamil Nadu to focus on Cauvery issue. “IPL is a magical world to make sure all Tamilians get addicted to the cricket game”, said Bharathi Raja and added that it’s time for people of Tamil Nadu to start a revolution.

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