Jagame Thandhiram is one of the most expected movie of Dhanush this year as his previous movie Pattas didn’t did well in box office and this makes it even more expecting to see Dhanush in a different role. This movie is written and directed by the unique Director karthik subbaraj. The film is being produced by YNOT Studios and Reliance entertainment. The composer of the movie is Santosh Narayan who is also one of the most talented music director.

The film’s first single Rakita Rakita Rakita has been announced a release date and it’s ready to release on 28th of July and it is just two days ahead for the release. The release of this single might make the fans calm down and wait more patiently for the lockdown to end and resume all the activities. The song’s title suggests that it’s going to be a rock song or it can be any kuthu pattu like Aaluma Dholuma. All the suspense will be revealed once the song is released.

The song might also contain some footages of scenes in the movie as every song contains that. And it might also contain many new looks of Dhanush in the Avatar for the movie and it’s the minimum expectation the fans can keep as atleast there can be one pic of Dhanush in the song video. The lyrics of the song is being written by Vivek who wrote lyrics for songs like Aalaporan Tamizhan, Neethane,etc.

The song is also being sung by the actor Dhanush and by Dhee and also by Santosh Narayan. The song is going to be a treat for Dhanush fans and hope it might feed the hunger of other fans too. The song is all set to release on 28th July and the fans have readily kept the alarms on for the day to come. The composer wrote on his micro blogging account that he is excited to work again with the combo Dhanush-Dhee-Vivek for a song and it brings him sheer pleasure and happiness.

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