Jack Reacher Never Go Back Movie ReviewMovie: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Direction: Edward Zwick
Cast: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders
Music: Henry Jackman
Cinematographer: Oliver Wood
Editor: Billy Weber
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Crime
Rating: ∗∗

What is it about: It’s a sequel to the 2012 film “Jack Reacher”.  The film revolves around Reacher (Tom Cruise) who helps Susan (Cobie Smulders) cracking an espionage in which she’s wrongly accused. This sequel is directed by Edward Zwick.

Why it’s disappointing: I’m not saying that the first film was a legend. But it had the elements which was required for an action thriller of its kind. This sequel tries to follow the template. But it was disheartening to see a director like Edward Zwick following the template and that too which such a disinterest. The film doesn’t hold your interest at any point, it keeps moving forward like its high on stupidity. The film makes no sense so does the screenplay which is sloppy to the core. You feel really tired half way through the film and lose interest in the second half.

The lead cast Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders lack total chemistry and looked very fake and pretentious. There was no scope for performance in the film for them, and it was disappointing to see them in this state.

The film was overly hyped for the IMAX format, but it was a big let-down like the movie itself. I still wonder, why sometimes the studios choose to induce few formats just to cash in their registers.

What to watch out for: Unfortunately I don’t see anything good to speak about the film, because extremely disappointed by the film. It didn’t even come remotely close to its predecessor.

Verdict: Edward Zwick seemed too disinterested in making this film. The screenplay was sloppy and lazed out churning out boring moments throughout the film. And the forceful IMAX format was another let down adding to the list of disappointments. Surely can give a miss to this film.

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