Irudhi Suttru Songs Review: The challenge lies when a movie is termed as Bilingual, especially when it comes to songs. The album has to maintain the same intensity and mood to match both the languages. Yesterday we saw the release of the Hindi version of this album, which was sumptuous to make the Bollywood happy and celebrate the album.

Santhosh Naryanan is a trend setter and he didn’t spare anything regardless of two different languages. With the Tamil album, the songs doesn’t sound weird, which most of the time does if we have same tracks composed in 2 languages. For an instance if the lyrics are right the tunes will be off and vice versa. The best part of “Irudhi Suttru” is its beauty in which it has be composed which stays true to the music lovers regardless of which language it’s heard in.

This album has 5 tracks:

“Poda Poda” is sung by Pradeep Kumar and has been penned by Vivek. This track is the energy building track in the movie which portrays the protagonist character and has an upbeat tempo. Pradeep has sung well, whereas I feel the same track in Hindi sung by Vishal Dadlani draws in more energy compared to this version.

This track is my favourite in both the versions “Ei Sandakara” by Dhee is as addictive as “Dil Ye Ladaku” by Monali Thakur. Dhee has a peculiar voice which demands undivided attention. The quirkiness is uncanny, one of the best from the lot. This one is penned by Vivek once again, he’s been rising slowly to reach the pinnacle.

“Maya Visai” once again Vivek a great one, and this one brings 3 singers together. It has Vijaynarain who also sang the same track in Hindi named “Jagga Khunnas” along with Vishal Dadlani. In Tamil version we have 2 more singers who spiced it up more than the Hindi version. Sri Shyamalangan and the mighty Santhosh Narayanan who took this track to a different energy level.

“Usuru Narambula Nee” brings Dhee back to mesmerize us with her enchanting voice. This track has more soul to it than the Hindi version, just for one reason DHEE, getting addicted to her voice.

The final track “Vaa Machaney”, this one is my personal favourite from both the versions. The Hindi version has Sunidhi Chauhan crooning the track whereas in Tamil we have our boy Sean Roldan lending his voice, who have rocked the track. This one is penned by Muthamil.

Verdict: Irudhi Suttru is an album which places the tracks with impeccable timing and composition which is bringing in new sensation in terms of melody. Santhosh Narayanan has given yet another album which will go on top of all the playlists.

Check out all the songs from the movie “Irudhi Suttru” below:

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