Insider revelation next Mad Max movie: Mad Max: Fury Road is set in the last period of El Nino’s effect upon our planet. The compelling and of course lunatic tale about the final apocalypse was directed by George Miller who won himself an Oscars Awards since his 2006 Insider revelation next Mad Max movieHappy Feet transferred us to the South Pole with those little and adorable penguins. This year, his work on the old-time classic movie Mad Max reboot is nominated at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, and perhaps gets some big nominations at the Oscars over the next few weeks to come.

As we’ve already been aware of the fact that there will be no more Furiosa – the Imperator on the screen due to statements claimed from both the director and star Charlize Theron herself, and even if there is a spin-off, a previous story about this angelical woman, Charlize Theron shall not be in further episodes of the franchise as she did officially announce the reason in which she got tired of being through a lot of hellish shoots (and didn’t get along very well with her partner – Tom Hardy who played Max).

On top of that, and above all, the momentum of Mad Max sequence seems not to be on our firstly expected track regarding the need of taking break for a while of Miller. He did come up with something for the next movie Mad Max, in point of fact, he even gave it a name of Mad Max: WasteLand, but the question that if we can be able to see it soon is still of absolute ambiguity. According to Miller himself, this “film are too epic in scale to go right into another one” and thus he’d like to move on to something that’s more contemporary and mostly based on inner emotion for us to easily catch up on the scheme rather than the barbaric slaughterous inhumanity constantly pouring within the deserted world of Mad Max: Fury Road.

The first Mad Max took almost 3 years to be utterly ready, and with the fact that its own father recently wants to have his offspring postponed for a while. We may have our faith on a prophecy that at least 5 more years later we just can again be able to experience such perpetually intense bloody action. In the mean time, I suggest you should hope for the movie to be nominated or even better win some Awards so that George Miller maybe, just maybe changes his mind, and so does the Studio.

Do check out the Official Trailer of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ below:

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