Hum Hain Happy 6 Pack Band: The youth wing of Yash Raj Films a.k.a “Y Films” have been belting out some really creative work lately. They came with a short web series in support to UN on gender equality called “Man’s World”, where you see the world is Topsy Turvy with Men and Women battling out the opposite of the poles. Then came “Bang Baaja Baaraat” which was an out and out comedy short web series with nuances of marriage in our society but with a quirky angle.

Now they have really surprised everyone with a great gesture supporting India’s first music band which comprises 6 transgender singers hailing from “Hijra” community. This one is a great attempt by Y-Films who have once again come forward to support the cause of gender equality in India. This marks one of a kind and a very proud moment for the people who genuinely care about the community.

The band has 6 singers Asha Jagtap, Bhavika Patil, Chandni Suvarnakar, Fida Khan, Komal Jagtap and Ravina Jagtap. They call themselves the “6 Pack Band”. The video was conceived and produced by Ashish Patil and directed by Nishant Nayak. The song features Pharrell Williams cover version of “Happy” with a tryst of local flavour mixed with vivid colours. The music was re-created by Shameer Tandon, captured by Mithun Gangopadhyay and choreographed by Nishant Bhat.

Do check out a small tease of their next video “Rab De Bande” at the end with singer Sonu Nigam.

Check out the video of “Hum Hain Happy – 6 Pack Band” below:

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