How Shah Rukh Khan became FAN – Gaurav

The film was a brilliant one, yes it did have its loose moments. But have a look at this video and you will know how great the actor is “Shah Rukh Khan”.  The look of “Gaurav” was not an easy task. They have went through a lot to get that young look, the actor is in his prime and have grown old and making him look young was an interesting take by Maneesh Sharma.

It was not just the prosthetics, it was more than that. The VFX came in to handy to touch up the prosthetics. The guys at Red Chillies VFX suggested to infuse prosthetics and came Greg Cannom. A Hollywood artist who have worked in many successful films gave a great outlook to Gaurav, he gave the cheeks of Brad Pitt to prefect the look of Gaurav.

SRK states he’s not a person who has the virtue of patience, but he use to sit through 5-6 hours a day to prep for the look of Gaurav. The hard work has reflected well on screen and have been received well by the audience.

Check out the video below:

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