Heated argument between Karthik Subbaraj and Tik Tik Tik producerOn Thursday, Karthik Subbaraj took to his Twitter page to say that his film Mercury will release on April 13 because his team has put their sweat and blood for the film. Mercury is a silent thriller and it is releasing in all languages on April 13.

“With utmost respect to the protests and bandh, we are postponing the Trailer release of Mercury that was supposed to happen today. However this film being a Silent film and having a huge release globally on 13th April. And cinema being bread winning profession for hundreds of our team members who has put in their sweat n blood into this film, we r in a situation to move on towards the release of the film.Hence the trailer will be released in a day or two.Looking for all your support as always.To clarify certain confusions, Mercury team including me, the director, all the cast, crew and producers have been honestly supporting the TNFPC strike going on and we have already decided to not release the Tamil version of our film in TN until the strike is over. We too like thousands of film industry workers are hoping for a fruitful solution to all our problems”, said Karthik Subbaraj in his official press statement.

Karthik Subbaraj’s decision didn’t go down well with the Tik Tik Tik producer Hitesh, who posted “Karthik, even we put our sweat and blood into our films and we don’t make films with crew of ten people we too have hundreds of them working and as u say it’s a silent movie, can I mute the film as it’s got subtitles and release. If we have come as united producers plight we need to stand togetherness also , rest it’s up to u. By the way, my film is budgeted three times than your film and it’s made with money, not with air and water”.

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