Guess What’s the next target for Priyanka Chopra

Guess What's the next target for Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra, one of the most versatile, and hard-working actress of the industry has millions of fans in India, and with her debut in Hollywood, she has gained enormous fan following in a past few months. Whether it is about looks, acting, skills or almost any other thing, Priyanka seems to be the best in comparison to other actresses of her level.

Priyanka has done some tremendous movies in Bollywood, and soon she is making her debut in Bollywood with the “Baywatch”. And frankly speaking, this is more than a reward for an Indian actress to grab such a role in a Hollywood flick, without any prior experience in Hollywood industry. And achieving this, may be more than enough for a normal person like us. However, for Priyanka, this is still not enough for her. She expects more from her life. She wants to conquer the whole world by her skills, and for that she has already started working in two of the most popular and biggest entertainment industries of the world.

According to the actress, it is not an easy task to work away from the home country as the culture, working environment is totally different in two different countries. However, if you are willing to achieve something bigger in life, you need to sacrifice some of your favourite things, and think out of the box to get the maximum rewards for your hard-work. She accepted that she misses India, but she thanked her co-stars and crew to help her feel at home by organizing get-together, and spending time with her, when she misses her family.

We all wish Priyanka Chopra best of luck on behalf of every Indian, and want her to glorify India by her performance and acting skills.

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