Giant Wheel Short Film Review: Stone Bench Creations and Bench Culture have come together giving a great platform for the aspiring filmmakers. These days making a short film is a show reel to enter the cinematic world.

This short directed by Sreekanth explores the factual hard truth about how the freedom is utilized or we can say how we have misunderstood and choose to ignore the obvious right in front of our eyes. “Giant Wheel” presented a simple truth with vital references. This clearly shows how we voice our opinions through the current social media medium and the deluded media who twists the actual truth.

In the end we are hypocrites who pretend to support, but go on spread the NUTELLA on the bread disregarding the actual problem faced by our farmers. The puns were really subtle and hits you right on spot. The cinematography and editing by Tamil and Fenny was apt with Shrenik’s background score.

A short which conveys the message crisp and clear in its stipulated time.

Check out the ‘Giant Wheel’ Short Film below:

Cast and Crew
Cast: Sonamuthu, Ananth, Shrenik, Sowma and Dhamu
DOP: Tamil
Editor: Fenny
Music: Shernik
Art: Sam
VFX: Ram
Writer & Director: Sreekanth

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