Ghayal Once Again Trailer Review: Making a sequel after a gap of 25 years seems kind of great idea to re-kindle the image which was forgotten. In 1990 “Ghayal” was released, where Bollywood got its “RAMBO” in the name of Sunny Deol. It was a blockbuster and made Sunny an Angry Young Man. This sequel is directed by Sunny Deol himself.

The trailer is cut in a narrative style which explains the story pretty much in 1:35. The action seems to be upgraded to suit the current style, and Sunny sticks to what he’s good at which is ACTION, and he looks impressively fit. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, the trailer looks good, it could be a blockbuster or might go dud, will have to wait and watch.

Check out the official trailer of ‘Ghayal Once Again’ below:

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