First look of VaadiVaasal out on the occasion of Suriya's birthday!!This birthday of Suriya is going to one of the best birthday and also most memorable one for their fans as it’s is entirely filled with unknown surprises. Earlier the first surprise was Actor Suriya joining instagram and the next surprise is the film VaadiVaasal first look release !!

The movie VaadiVaasal was one of the most expected movie of Suriya as it is getting Directed by Vetri Maaran. The last Vetri Maaran movie made a shocking impact on the audience for its screenplay and the amusing action scenes with realistic acting starring Dhanush in the movie Asuram. This movie won lots of awards and more than awards this movie made a glimpse about social injustice existing in late 80’s time in Tamil Nadu.

The first look of VaadiVaasal has Suriya in a younger look and is expected to be a farmer. The movie is based on the traditional game of tamilians Jallikattu which is celebrated during Pongal time. This game has been a debated game and was banned during the year 2016 and required a huge protest by youngsters around the world for it to uplift the ban on the game. Over 5 million tamil youngest protested throughout the world against the ban and to uplift it. It is one of the major event happened in this decade.

This movie also revolves around the importance of Jallikattu in the nature and for the safety of native breed of cows which gives healthy milk. Earlier this day the followers in the instagram account were less than 300k but within the blink of an eye the followers increased the 350k mark and is marching towards 400k. All possible only because of the actors fans who were waiting for this their entire lifetime and also the other actors fans who wanted to follow him for his hard work.

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