Finally a relief for Kollywood, strike called!Finally, it’s a huge relief for Kollywood. The forty-eight days long strike of the Tamil film industry has come to an end after the tri-party talk held on Tuesday night. The Tamil Nadu Government assured producers that they will pass a Government Order to all the theaters and they should incorporate computerized ticketing facility in their premises.

Hereafter, audiences need not pay the same cost for a Shankar film and a movie, directed by a newcomer. Producers and exhibitors will have a talk before the release of any films and fix ticket price based on the budget involved.

Government pressurized QUBE and UFO that these digital providers agreed to reduce the Visual Print Fee by 50%. Earlier, they charged 9,000 for E Cinema but after Government’s intervention, digital service providers have agreed to reduce the cost to 5,000.

Vishal is a happy and relaxed man, he said that the Tamil Film Industry is good to go for the theatrical release. A crucial meet to lock the release date of films which were waiting because of the strike.

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