Fan Trailer Review

A film based on a FAN and his obsession towards his ultimate idol. In a country where film stars are considered as Gods at some levels, a crazy fan of this sort is not surprising. But an obsession which could destroy the star itself, might become dangerous. One such character is being depicted in “FAN”.

The filmmakers made a perfect choice for using SRK for both the roles as Gaurav Chanana (The Fan) & Aryan Khanna (The Star). Because no one could play the crazy, obsessive and psychotic like Shahrukh would do. I’m pretty sure SRK is going to shine more as the “FAN” character. It’s been decades we saw SRK in a role which brings out the best in him, The Grey Shade. Heartfelt thank you Maneesh Sharma, from one of the SRK’s fan for breaking the stereotype and presenting his fans across the globe with a film which will revive SRK as Shahrukh Khan.

The trailer is cut with crisp dialogues and shots which teases you enough to catch this flick on the first day of the release, 15th April 2016 FAN is coming to you.

Check out the Official Trailer of “FAN” below:

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