AR Rahman is one of the best composer in India and his fame has been spreading all over the world. The composer has received two Oscar awards for his work in the movie Slumdog Millionaire and his fame has been existing all over the world since then. The composer has worked in many big movies like 2.0, Swades,etc.

The composer having a Tamil origin never failed to express his love for his own mother land even after being raised to great heights. He has worked in all language movies and has a big name in every film industry. Earlier the composer in an interview with Radio Mirchi was asked the reason for his lesser involvement in Bollywood movies than in Kollywood movies. The composer to it answered that there are groups in bollywood spreading rumours about him and this is making him get lesser movies in bollywood.

He got to know this when he inquired to one of his client from Bollywood about what what he heard about him before he approached the composer. The client’s answer gave him a great shock and he understood why the composer has lesser approach in the bollywood cinema. He informed that he doesn’t care about the groups and he claims that he got everything by God and it’s his will to know what to happen and what to not.

The composer’s latest movie was Dil Bechara which is the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput and the score of the movie got lots of love from the fans and it’s currently the highest rated Indian movie in IMBD. The composer future movies are lined up and he is one of the busiest composers of all time. It’s sad to know about the reason for his less involvement in Bollywood.

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