CinemaGlitz-Ennu-Ninte-Moideen-Review-01CinemaGlitz-Ennu-Ninte-Moideen-Review-02Movie: Ennu Ninte Moideen
Direction: R. S. Vimal
Cast: Prithviraj, Parvathi Menon, Saikumar, Tovino Thomas, Lena
Music Director: M. Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayanan
Cinematography: Jomon T. John
Editor: Mahesh Narayan
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: ∗∗∗∗½

What is it about: The film is based on true events from the life of Moideen and Kanchanamala in the 1960’s in Mukkam, Koozhikode. ENM has Parvathy and Prithviraj in the lead playing the respective roles. It’s a tragic love story of these two back then, where inter-caste marriage was a taboo. How these two went about that issue and what came out of it is a beautiful conception derived by Vimal.

Why it’s disappointing: There is no space for disappointment in this movie.

What to watch out for: We have been fed with numerous love stories since we have knowledge of films, there are many landmark movies which comes to our mind when we ponder on that subject, “Ennu Ninte Moideen” will one such movie which will be counted among them.

Vimal adapted the real life incidents and presented them in a very tasteful manner which doesn’t affect any sentiments and brings out the true feeling to the emotions back then. The love story so divine that you start to fall for the lead characters and start relating to them as the movie travels.

When it comes to politics, leaders preach all they want to create a reputation among the public, when the same happens in their personal life, they become a hypocrite you can’t imagine. The inter-caste issue in the film was delicately handled with great caution which captures the sentiments precisely with no room for arguments.

The love between Moideen and Kanchanamala is so pure you long for a love like that in your life, there’s not one scene which shows any kind of physical encounter in their love life, but the feeling they invoke is more than a physical touch, a love story which touches you at many levels leaving you handicapped in their love. There’s one scene in the movie, where the couple meet after a long gap, it has hardly any dialogues but they make it so intimate leaving a lump in your throat.

Prithviraj is no doubt a great actor, with this character “Moideen” he makes a commendable case which can’t be ignored. It brings out the rawness and the tender side of the character which balances well at director’s call. He did a great job.

Parvathy Menon may be few movies old but she has a maturity which many actress of her generation lack. As Kanchanamala she had lived the character, which convinces you and makes you fall for her. She exuberates the beauty of that character perfectly with right sense.

The rest of the supporting cast was perfectly chosen who made a great ensemble. Saikumar (Unni Moideen Sahib) who plays the father of Prithviraj was a powerful character and the shades of his role were perfectly etched. Tovino Thomas as Appu had a small role but his character has a vital importance and he carried it well. Bala as Sethu who played Parvathy Menon’s brother did a great job. Lena as Pathumma (Moideen’s Mother) did a fantastic job in the film.

Vimal did a great job in re-creating the 1960’s mood, and Jomon T. John captured that beauty with great finesse, cinematography was splendid. The colours were so vivid and live, it feels like you are right in the middle of God’s own Country. Mahesh Narayanan did a great job on editing this movie, as it runs for 2hrs and 48 minutes but you don’t feel the runtime.

The songs were beautifully composed by Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan and Gopi Sunder. They were perfectly placed in the movie, without forcing on to us. The background score by Gopi Sunder was perfectly in sync with the mood of the film.

Verdict: “Ennu Ninte Moideen” is a timeless love story, which shows the Sanctity of relationship when they are pushed beyond limits and the patience you require to hold it together. A beautiful movie by Vimal who explored romance to a different dimension which is lost mostly these days. Definitely worth a watch, if you guys liked Premam, you’ll fall in love with “Ennu Ninte Moideen”.

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